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VG4D SmartLiDAR solution is complete end-to-end, stand alone software solution for all different types of LiDAR/Point Cloud datasets. It is a complete lifecycle solution designed to identify any data collection issues in the field. It intelligently rectifies collected data to real world coordinates to ensure accuracy. It then uses that accurate dataset to extract vital information through an optimized streamlined workflow.

VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer Core contains a very efficient LiDAR engine which handles gigabytes of raw strips managing billions of points in a very simple and practical 3D visualization application. It utilizes advanced algorithms in a simple to use interface to extract key vector and asset information effortlessly. The software renders a variety of data conversion capabilities to make sure the extracted information from LiDAR data can be seamlessly added to engineering applications. The end-to-end VG4D Smart LiDAR application is completed with a plethora of tools that assist users throughout the LiDAR data life cycle.

VG4D SmartLiDAR software solution consists of:

VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer Core(.pdf)

VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer and add-on modules is the flagship product of the VG4D SmartLiDAR solution. It is fully equipped with customized process-oriented workflow for mobile, corridor, airborne and static LiDAR/point cloud datasets. The VG4D SmartLiDAR(TM) Explorer togehter with its add-on modules is the industry’s most powerful and flexible tool available today built to fully exploit your LiDAR data to its fullest. Feature rich, it offers complete end-to-end workflow to handle large strips (billions of points), automatic classification, smart feature extraction, automatic digitization, asset management, project management & tracking to highlight a few. It provides complete solution for various different LiDAR applications.

Add-on Modules to the VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer Core (.pdf)

The powerful add-on modules available for VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer Core makes the solution flexible to meet various application and processing needs. By choosing the appropriate process/application driven modules the product can bring about the optimum cost to performance benefit for your specific processing needs.

VG4D SmartLiDAR Explorer Lite(.pdf)

LiDAR Explorer Lite, a stand-alone tool, designed to help engineers, surveyors, construction & mining personnel to easily and instantly extract volume information from LiDAR Point Cloud Data. The Software can directly import data from variety of popular terrestrial and mobile sensors.

VG4D SmartLiDAR RoadXTract(.pdf)

LiDAR RoadXTract - a stand-alone tool, designed to help road and rail transportation engineers and DOTs to extract design grade features from LiDAR data.

VG4D SmartLiDAR Software Solution: VIDEOS of Select real-life applications .

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